Do You Still Trust Facebook?

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@jameshe (126)
November 20, 2010 2:14pm CST
There has been many threats on Facebook such as passwords and other personal information are not securely protected. When you use an application, third parties have the right to use and publicize your personal information. I do not like this idea. Facebook is turing into Google as Google also uses personal information.
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@Diddaka (90)
20 Nov 10
I don`t know but really have to be carefull while using Facebook.All these applications taht send to us to allow or not the site to have our data are not good.That`s why I don`t allow this any time it shows up to my desktop.You also wouldn`t do such things.
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@jugsjugs (13045)
21 Nov 10
To be honest with you i hardly go on there unless i really have to,as i find that it is rather boring now, unlike when the site first started up.I think that there are alot of people now that do tend not to go on there as they have had their face book accounts hacked.
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
really? i thought as long as your setting is set to private no one can invade your account. i really see to it that only my friends can view my profile, photos and my wall..that's scary. hope there is a way to still block your account even if you accept applications. too scary. thanks for the info! :)
20 Nov 10
I do still use facebook, but i have never trusted them with the applications that ask to access personal information and use it to publish on mine and other peoples walls. I don't ever let applications access my information and if a application says it won't work without it then i don't use the application. I keep most of my profile private too so only my friends can view most things aswell as be careful who i accept as a friend.
@calajane (1005)
• Poland
20 Nov 10
I haven't really thought about it. I use Facebook for fun and I don't share any relevant information that couldn't be found elsewhere if somebody tried. I mean there are information on the internet regarding my email address and my work, so even if that leaks out nobody will learn anything new. Other stuff there are just stuff I like, silly quizzes I take and my status updates, that I always try to keep PG-13 friendly.