My latest bike wreck...

United States
November 20, 2010 4:24pm CST
Yep, two weeks ago I crashed big time! I came around a corner and a car was coming the other way. I never assume that they see me so I put my brakes on. My bike stopped, but I did not! I slammed into the curb thumb first! lol! My first thought was, "I broke my thumb!" It hurt so bad I didn't even know I hurt my back and knee until later! lol! I'm too old for this! When was your last wreck?
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20 Nov 10
I too want to LOL, with you but know that a fall and or crash of some sort is not funny. But last year as I began my biking, I turned a corner and panicked as a gang of cars came full speed behind me, so I crashed into a parked car and fell flat on my behind. It was quite funny, and luckily I did not damage the car so instead of wheeling away, I walked away pretending that the situation was funny but it really wasn't as I was scared and embarrassed at the same time.
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• United States
21 Nov 10
(not) lol-ing with you!! lol!! I hear ya. I rolled over on my back and figured I was still breathing, so I was probably okay. But man did my thumb hurt. I wore a brace on it until yesterday. that was two weeks so I figured that would take care of it if it was broken...
@DawGwath (1044)
• Romania
22 Nov 10
Oh, I'm getting used to it. Although I practice downhill, I mostly had accidents because of pure stupidity, not speed or extreme conditions. In my last one I was doing some drifts on the street and my pedal got stuck on the side of a square concrete flower pot and it sent me flying off my bike right into a money exchange panel. Fortunately I only got bruises until now, I never broke a bone.