Who will win Cycle 15?

November 20, 2010 7:40pm CST
Who do you think will win Cycle 15? Will it be the timid Ann or the resourceful Chelsey? I think both have high fashion potential. I'm rooting for Ann. She has the best pictures of the bunch. The only downfall is she's too timid and socially-awkward. Hope she can rock the Roberto Cavalli runway in the finale.
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@zhelles (155)
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
I also like Ann! Here in my country, the recent episode was the one that Chris got eliminated. It seems that you are more updated. :) It's nice to hear that Ann was one of the top 2 :) I really hope Ann wins, her photographs amaze me, her poses are very artistic and with class, I like it. I just hoped she could put some more personality, like what Tyra said to her in some of the episodes. :)
• Malaysia
21 Nov 10
Hi, sorry for posting the spoiler. Ya, Ann needs some personality. Other than that, she's on the way to high fashion stardom.
15 Apr 11
Ann's pretty cool in her timid, laid-back personality but chelsey is an opponent not to be messed around. Chelsey knows the modelling world more than ANN but ann's lucky to win top model coz she's the look the judges were looking for in that season
@klarian (49)
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
i am definitely a fan of ann because the camera really loves her and her face is immaculately beautiful, making her ready for an international modeling career and opportunity such as what Vogue Italia offers. If she is able to develop her personality, (such as her self confidence)especially in front of people, then she really would go far in the fashion industry. i don't find her coy personality a liability though. it even makes her childlike.
• China
26 Nov 10
i think ann will be the winner.she always got the fantastic photo,the face,the eyes,even the body(she's too thin and tall)in the pic looks wenderful.but i'm still worry about the runway,she's not confident and comfortable.runway is a big part in high fashion ,if she want be a real model,she have to figure out this problem. she needn't be shy or self-contempt,she's beautiful and have gift,people love her!
@youless (94757)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Nov 10
In fact I don't have a really specific favorite one for Cycle 15 of America's Next Top Model. I don't like Ann although at the beginning she won the best photos for many times. I think she is just so skinny and her look in the real life is weird. She is not confident for herself. If I have to choose one winner, then I will choose the girl with red hair. I forgot her name, sorry. At least her look seems to be natural and her photos are not bad anyway. I love China
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
i really like ann's pictures. i hope she wins, but frankly, i think chelsey would do better as a model. ann's the most socially-awkward girl i have ever seen on the show. i think she's even more awkward than the girl with asperger's from an old cycle, or nicole from the petite cycle. i'm looking forward to the finale, although here in the philippines, the latest episode is the one where jane got eliminated.