whey you are depressed would you like to come on internet ?

United States
November 20, 2010 10:10pm CST
WHEN i am depressed i feel internet my best fellow.at least it helps me to navigate my thoughts.i find internet my best friend that always help me to relieve my tensions and bring up some thing new that can lead to happiness what do you say?
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• United States
17 Jan 11
Sounds like you might be using the internet as a way of coping with depression. I would have to ask if you really feel happier after you get off the computer or are you using it as a way to avoid any negative feelings associated with depression?
@Porcospino (18767)
• Denmark
29 Nov 10
Sometimes I surf the internet when I am depressed and sometimes I lose interest in everything including the internet and don't feel like spending time online. I think it depends on the depression and how severe it is. If it is a mild depression it might help me to search for information online, play games and or chat with my friends, but if the depression is more severe I tend to lose interest in everything and in that case the internet doesn't attract me or help me at all.
@calpro (933)
• India
22 Nov 10
I do agree with you when I am in bad mood I log on to net and browse something or do some research with keywords.That will bring me back to normal. I think it is good to keep quiet and do some browsing when we are depressed rather than speaking to any other person who will ask about us and our dullness. Good to browse and surf. Happy mylotting
@brian115 (12)
• China
21 Nov 10
Internet is a good way to kick away depression. But what makes me depressed is that I have no access to Internet.
• Philippines
21 Nov 10
When i'm depressed i just hang out with friends. I also go here on mylot and look for interesting discussions. I just do whatever interests me for the moment just to get me out of depression.
@MasonM (107)
• United States
21 Nov 10
i agree. theres always something that will bring my mood up, MyLot being one of them(: