Do you believe NONI has health benefits?

Chennai, India
November 21, 2010 8:09am CST
I am seeing lot of promotions going on for noni juice and noni capsules. I've even searched the internet for it's benefits. With the information I've got, I couldn't come to a conclusion whether Noni has benefits or not. I've even consumed noni for a month. I didn't notice any significant change. (May be I've not taken enough dose, but before i continue to take it, I just wanted to have feedback from some of you, who might have used or might be using it.) So, does noni actually has any benefits? On you, particularly?
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• India
22 Nov 10
Hi Venkat, Noni juice and capsule are herbal products that is used for various health improvements, it has lot of nutrients present in it which is required by our body.As its a herbal product its natural and you can't expect any thing natural to happen overnight, so what I wolud like to say it is try for some 5 to 6 months so that you can feel the difference.You had a feeling that the dosage was not enough in regards to this i guess you have to visit your physician so that he can guide you in the right mannar. Hope you feel it soon
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
4 Dec 10
Hi dear, I just noticed your talk about NONI and I don't know why the reason you started using it. As this NONI (Morninzhi) juice is an extract of this fruit, it will take its own time to get results in our body. As you may be aware, it is not a medicine like any of the allopathic treatment to cure the decease within a day or two. If the doctor want to go for a surgery, they give an injection and within seconds, the body will be ready for an operation and your absolutely free from all pains. Clinically, it is so developed and the chemical medicines are so powerful to act on our body. As this is a fact, if you take a glass full of orange juice, what effect it will make on your body. Visually nothing. As we all know, the orange contains the vitamin C elements and it meets some requirements of our body for few hours. What is the difference with NONI. Just like the case of orange, this NONI juice also work in our body slowly and effectively with a period of time. It is not a chemical solution to work in your body within seconds. Even I have tried the NONI juice (2 bottles only) for certain reasons. I felt it like how I drink a glass of water, as I am physically fit and good. As I have suggested this NONI juice to someone else, I should have to self test that it has no immediate side effect or anything similar to it. But one thing was sure that those who consumed the juice had no bad situation afterwards, (I don't know any good effect they got from it). However none of them come forward with any complaints. All of them stopped using the same by saying that it was little costly. But people really want to get rid of their physical problems, I still say anyone can use the same for their purposes as it is harmless. Also, it is not necessary that a well know doctor should know about it. If we ask the usefulness about NONI to a doctor and if he doesn't know or not even heard of such things, he may revert with his own opinion. And it is not necessary that all doctors should know about all medical things which is happening around. Here is a link which shows certain facts and details relating to NONI and can come to your won conclusion. Whatever it is, all the companies who produce their product must be having their own justification for using their products. This link is attached for your information purposes only. Thank-s