A unique topic-Alternate Dimensions

November 21, 2010 11:39am CST
I wonder but it is just an assumption,whether an alternate dimension/alternate world exists.As through facts the big bang theory created the Earth we live in. However,is there a possibility that we are not in the only universe/dimension. Recent discoveries have found new universes,so is there a possibility of an alternate dimension/world , what do you think?
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21 Nov 10
hi chocaly, The Laws of the Universe, particularly the Law of Attraction are all founded on the Universe as Energy/ God's creation. It is all about choices ( the essence of the Bilble is that God made humans in His own likeness but gave us the ability to choose). So of course alternatives exist. Nothing is impossible and so what you live and percieve is your conscious and subconscious view of life. It's all a bit complicated for me but I think the answer lies somewhere in quantum physics and energy vibrations.
@petersum (4525)
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21 Nov 10
The big bang theory doesn't tell us anything - what was it that went bang? Dr. Who (UK TV series) taught us about E-space and I-space, E as in Einstein and Inverse. Most interesting 'unknown' for me is the theory that space (vacuum) isn't empty, rather it is full of some undiscovered type of atomic structure. For the most superior animal on Earth, we really don't know much!