" I'm not a kid, don't treat me like one"

Russian Federation
November 21, 2010 4:32pm CST
hey peepz.. I have an issue here after this statement came out from a very own friend of mine while we were talking earlier this evening. Everything went well until this thing came out from him, with quite a strong and loud intonation, " Hey I'm not a kid, don't treat me like that". All of sudden I felt as if something just stabbed me right in the heart, I was speechless, and of course I was a little upset. Well, this is not really a big issue, but it's just that I am wondering if I am being too sensitive, or is it my heart is just too fragile? or am I just being such a bossy kinda person. It's not that I forced him to do what I said. I was just saying it out. That's all..~ -.- "to dream anything that you want to dream, that is the beauty of the human mind.. to do anything that you want to do, that is the strength of the human will.. to trust yourself, to test your limits, that is the courage to succeed"
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@hati3kuro (278)
• Malaysia
24 Nov 10
Hello Mishynina! I couldn't agree more to that response up there ^^ Sometimes there are certain people who are so close to us that they just let their whole selves go whenever they wanted to tell us something.. Lol you got me thinking here...imagine those spouses who had lived together for so long that they sometimes cannot differentiate whether they're breathing in air or their partner's gas .. haha gross it may sound, but that's the point.. they know each other so well that they don't even care about those things anymore, things that we all might wanna keep away from during our first dates, :p Sorry for getting a little off topic here lol.. but how would you say your relationship with this friend of yours? Are you guys close?
@hushi22 (4940)
22 Nov 10
hahaha! this post got my attention. i thought i saw myself in the mirror. lolz.... i have said this many times to my family. hmmm...maybe the timing and the mood wasnt conducive for the conversation pal. it went okay. =)
• United States
21 Nov 10
Sometimes are very own dear friends talk to us in such harsh ways as simply because they are so trusting that they forget we have feelings also. It is quite difficult to say if you are being sensitive or not as you are not saying what you had said prior to the statement made by your friend and or what occurred after. Like maybe your friend explaining why he felt this way. I would say as friends it would be quite easy to say to our friends, hey what do you mean by that and expect an explanation. That is if nothing to hurt the person feelings was said first. At any rate, give it some time and then ask your friend what is up with that, why on earth would you feel I am treating you like a kid. If the friend makes no sense with the explanation. Then perhaps your friend should not act like one and then you would not have to treat your friend like a kid. As adults we have absolutely no reason to utilize this type of phrase. I see you are new to myLot to a very warm welcome to you.