Closed Family Ties can be Suffocating

November 21, 2010 7:14pm CST
Lucky are those whose closed knit relationship with their families and relatives. However, it could also be suffocating and a disadvantage. In some parts of the world families or even their other relatives live together in one abode even when they are already married and have their own kids. Economically, it saves them a lot of money. It is great if everyone contributes but in some cases there is only one breadwinner and everyone depends on this person. My good old friend whose generosity becomes somewhat a stupidity tells me her woes about her family and relatives. For years she was the only breadwinner in a family of eight. Her siblings and their wife, husband and kids live in the same house and hardly contribute to the expenses as they couldn't hold a job long enough to feed their own family. My friend left them a business before she left them but all that dwindled away and so even though she has her own family, her relatives would still rely on her for financial assistance. She wish that she "taught them how to fish instead of giving them fish everyday." My questions are, how close is your family and up to what extent would you help them?
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@hushi22 (4940)
22 Nov 10
i kinda agree to this. i live in a really closed family and sometimes i could say that i almost couldnt breathe and live my life the way i wanted.
• Philippines
22 Nov 10
I am not that close to the family of my husband compared to my own family side.. Me and my husband live away from our own family. Whoever visit us in our own home, we just treat them nicely.. It was I who really don't want to live together with their family because I just feel it differently.. And I would agree that it would be suffocating.