Camera Poweres with what battery is Good- AA Bat OR Lithium Bat

AA rechargeable batteries Vs Lithium batteries - Which one for digi cam you opt with- A camera with AA rechargeable batteries OR a Camera with Lithium batteries?
@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
November 21, 2010 8:56pm CST
I Decided to buy a Digital camera, But now the only issue which hampers me from buying it is not the brand or not the MP or not the Zoom X but bothers me is the power for the Camera- AA or Li. I am bit confused with this. What i learned is- AA rechargeable Battered cameras - Pros: Evergreen type of batteries, can be usable with a normal AA batteries available at any departmental stores during emergency when the recharged batteries drain out, No problems of Leaking or Exploding during Hot Conditions, No problem if u forgot to remove battery when not in use, Low cost, Easy availability. AA rechargeable Battered cameras - Cons: battery gets drained out soon, low backup power Lithium battered cameras - Pros: Greater stand-by capacity, Latest technique. Lithium battered cameras - Cons: If charge drained out can't be usable without recharging it (No Alternative like ordinary AA), Problems of Li Leaking during Hot Conditions, Chances to explode, high cost, Battery of that model may not be available in future. Now Even Though i know this much, I am still confused and hope get advised from previous users and professionals. If Anyone using with new Digi Cams with AA Batteries please advice.
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• Indonesia
12 Jun 11
I think Lithium batere still godd from my devices. Its so efficient & easy to use.
@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
17 Jan 11
It all depends on how you will use your camera. if you didn't use your outside in the wild and for a long time, then L-Ion is the solution. You can always fully charge it before use it and it will take hundreds of shot before it will drained out. But like you say, we never know when will the manufacturer will stop produce the battery and by then we might need to buy new camera. But if you always go somewhere else like in the woods or forest for a long time to take picture, you can opted to use AA battery. It is cheaper as you can fine it everywhere you go. But the rechargeable AA battery didn't last long and you have to replace it something like 2 years because it cannot be charge up properly by then. But people will never stop producing AA battery which mean the camera can be use until it is damage. So my suggestion is, if you want to use your camera for a long time like 5 years or more, you better buy camera using AA battery.
• Philippines
1 Dec 10
I think you should go for the camera that uses rechargeable AA batteries. The main advantages of this type of battery is its availability, convenience, safety and economy. You can have spare batteries that are fully charged so that when the ones in use have drained out their power you can readily change batteries and recharge the used ones. You can even use ordinary heavy duty AA batteries for a short time during emergencies when you cannot recharge your rechargeable AA batteries due to temporary absence of electricity in your area or location.
@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
25 Nov 10
I use an Ion Lithium battery which is what they use in most electronics as you don't have what they call a memory problem with Ion Lithium as you can charge it half way or charge it when it isn't completely drained and get the same charge every single time. The issues really start as when they are left with out being used they can drain and then will no longer hold a charge unless you drained the battery and then took it out of the item. This happens generally with Laptop batteries. I personally have an Nikon D60 that uses Lithium Ion batteries they do have the normal don't expose to high temp as they have on every battery including Alkaline or Nickel based Batteries which could lead to them exploding or leaking. So as long as you aren't out in what like 120 degree heat you should be okay to use either battery. Lithium Ion is better for DSLRs in general as well it seems that you aren't using an DSLR you don't need the Energy that an DSLR needs hence why your Camera uses AA instead of the DSLRs also since most upper level cameras use the Li batteries is because they are recharge able and well as for them canceling battery types on you that rarely happens as other companies will fill the need for you to get the battery type you need and companies like Nikon and Cannon for examples won't want them to get into making money for no longer making the battery for your camera also most of these companies will use the same batteries for the same groups of cameras like the D60, D90 and other DSLRs use the same Nikon Battery. They also picked Li because they are good for years of recharges where AA isn't as good for the Recharges that Li gives you. Also most AAs that are rechargeable are Li
• Canada
22 Nov 10
I have used both lithium and AA batteries in cameras. I personally like AA's better. They are cheaper, easier to find. Also I bought the 15 minute charger by duracel. I also purchased an extra set of batteries to go with it. That way I always have a spare set charged. I Honestly think that I got about double the amount of time from the AA compared to the lithium...but maybe thats just me...or they duracel batteries.