WAR for best Rifle -M4 Vs AK47

M4 Carbine Vs AK47 - Maverick 4 Carbine (M4) Vs Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 (AK47) - Which one u feel is the best? The American Army weapon or the Terrorists weapon.
@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
November 21, 2010 9:48pm CST
Which one u feel is the best? - US Primary best weapon Maverick 4 Carbine (M4A1) or soviet's best primary weapon Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 (AK47). M4 carbine has - Designed and available from 1957, primary user is US and other 66 countries use it, manufacturer is Colt defense, 5.9kgs(empty) to 6.9 kgs(with 30 round magazine), 5.56x45mm NATO Cartridge, Gas-operated, rotating bolt, rate of fire is 700-950 round/min cyclic, Muzzle velocity is 2,900 ft/s or 884 m/s, Effective range- 600m (500m point range) and Feed System is default 30 round magazine or other STANAG Magazines (with 100 or 200 round). Mountable with M4- M203 grenade launcher, M203 leaf sight, M203 day night sight, Rail interface systems, sound suppressor, forward hand grip, visible bright light II, ANPVS Mini night vision sight, Infrared illuminator, AN/PEQ Carbine visible laser (for air support), ECOS-N Red dot sight, Reflex sight, 4x say optical sight, Backup rail sight, Universal pocket scope mount and an optional 12X to 16x Sniper optical sight magnification pack (for Sniper M4). AK47 has - Designed and available from 1944, Primary user is Soviet (Russia) and other 68 countries use it, Manufacturer is Izhmash, 4.3kgs (empty), 7.62x39mm M43 Cartridge, Gas-operated, rotating bolt, Rate of fire is 600 rounds/min, Muzzle velocity is 715 m/s (2,346 ft/s), Effective range is 400m (300m Point Effective range), Feed system ranges from 10 rounds to 20 and 30r magazines and 40 to 100 round magazine boxes. Mountable with AK47- UBGL 1 Grenade launcher, Visible bright light, Custom hang grip, sound suppressor and optional reflex sight compatible with AK.
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@mustread (225)
• Bulgaria
30 Nov 10
Ak47 Kalashnikov has shown what it is capable of and that is a lot. That's the perfect weapon for me , because its 60 years of history has made it one of the best rifles out there.