What site pays the most for writing?

November 22, 2010 5:17am CST
I am writing for various sites like triond, bukisa and factoidz. Well, my triond account is not working well so I would like to shift from triond to any other site so do suggest me some
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@MildMix (119)
22 Nov 10
Hey, I use Freelancer to make the most money from my articles. I'm currently making about $20 a day from it, but it would be more if I had more time. All you do, once you've signed up, is bid on the hundreds of articles projects posted every day (you get 30 free bids a month) and then complete the work. The money all gets put into escrow so you will definitely be paid. Let me know if any of you want my referral link and I will message it to you :)
@sadeneni (117)
• India
22 Feb 11
Hey i need you referal link and also plz guide me how to do it
• United States
1 Dec 10
Helium is good if you live in the U.S. but Triond takes a lot of work because you have to promote your articles yourself and it takes awhile to get it with enough articles where you can reach minimum payout every month, but I like Triond and I do get a little bit of extra cash from it. Review Stream is good as long as you write 250 word reviews with mostly your opinion in them. The payout is $50.00 and it's good.
• United States
22 Nov 10
Hi!! I love to write also, and am looking for a good site that will pay and appreciate good work, but I tend to stay on content sites i.e. The Content Authority, Text-broker, Constant Content, to name a couple and some of them will pay 1-5 cents per word, and if your stuff is well liked by the people that ordered, they will give you direct orders for content, and your pay goes up. These sites, for me, are consistent, very clear on what is needed from me, and they pay better than 5 cents for every article. You might look into freelancing, those sites pay pretty good also... good luck! Hugs!
@Downwindz (2230)
• Netherlands
22 Nov 10
I know there is also Helium, but else if it is based on pageviews, I was about to suggest Bukisa, it seems to be the site paying most for quality pageviews.