An Email from God

November 22, 2010 10:09am CST
To: My best mate, my dear child, my faithful servant Subject: You're on my mind! I knew you before time began. I even know how many hairs on your head! Like parent, like child; You're created in my image. Not only have I got plans for you, I've also given you the talents to fulfill them. And what I give nobody else can take away. But don't neglect them; remember to use them and stir them up everyday. Never doubt that I have started a good work in you and I'm going to finish it. I always wrap up what I get started. My commitment to you never ends. Sure in life, stuff gets tough and I know sometimes you feel battered and bruised but here's something to get giddy about: I've robbed Satan his power to hurt you, and the world of its power to destroy you. When you're in trouble, I've got your back! Give me your hassles and troubles and I'll keep you going. When you're stressed outt or weighed down, lean on Me. I'll be your Rock, your Fortress, your Delivere, your Strength. Eventhough you fall from time to time you won't be destroyed because I'm holding you. But don't listen to people who act like they're allergic to me and won't come near me or those who insult me! Hold true to my Word - the Bible and drink it in and you will be like a massive tree growing by a river, strong and fruitful. God ;-) P.S: I'd love to hear back from you, see you at my place on Sunday! "How realize that you are thinking of me constantly!..." PSALM 139:17
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@bnd8884 (99)
• India
23 Nov 10
Hi buddy, nice to listen that you have got email from GOD. I have only one request pls give me the email address of GOD or if you cant do this simply convey my message to him and ask him why all the people in this world are different and if you really exist why you are treating all the people differently? Some people in Europe and USA are wasting thousand dollars daily in casino and fun and some people in Africa do not have enough food to eat. Please send me the answer if you receive any.