I got all these strange phone calls all the time

United States
November 22, 2010 11:59am CST
Oh my gosh, I just simply hate it. At least 3 times a week, I receive these strange phone numbers that I don't recognize of, mostly from out of state they seems, because none of the area code is within my state code. Some number is about "avoiding IRS tax debt solution", and I don't remember that I ever give out my number online, especially my private cell phone line. Others, are all debt solutions, or business solutions. I just wonder how will give out my private number other than me? Because personally I won't sign up with my cell phone number online. That just really annoying.
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• Singapore
23 Nov 10
I just got spam messages to my handphone just about 2 hours ago. That person claimed to know me but I do not know him?!! I EVEN threatened to report him to the police but he's not afraid. I think he must really want to go to jail.
• Netherlands
23 Nov 10
yeah some days i also go much strange phone calls the only what i do then is just look at the number from who it comes and if it in anoniem i will call that last called person back funtion use! Normally they dont know who is calling them and they say ther names and than i know who is irritating me! A ather good tip is just dont gice your number to everyone!
@xiangd (63)
• China
23 Nov 10
Huh, it's look like this is a internal problem, I don't know where are you come from, in my country,it's also a annoying problem. You think you never give out your phone number online, but I tell you that it's impossible, maybe you have never sign up at any web site,but you may write out your number at some form in some company, for example when you find job and make interview or make some social inquiry, when you go to bank,hospital, postoffice,realty company and so on. So in my eyes,you can tell your number to anybody at anywhere,HEHE, your number is very valuable to someone or some company, so something just happened but you don't know.that's it .
• Thailand
23 Nov 10
I don't have a phone call like you but I receive a lot of spam message to my phone. I also does not give my cell phone to internet. I don't know how to they know my cell phone. I think maybe they connect to our telephone service to get information about us.
@toniganzon (53688)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
That is really annoying. In my case I don't receive calls but I receive messages from loan companies offering me a loan when I'm not asking for it. They usually send it all the time and some messages came from bank agents. I don't know how they got my number but I guess they just do it in random.
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
22 Nov 10
I get a lot of 1-800 numbers, and they are sure annoying. I am glad I don't get all that many of them though. Some I answer and some I don't. The ones I do answer, I wish I hadn't Most of the time though, I end up getting text messages about things that I am not interested in or never signed up for. Thank goodness, I don't get those all that much either. I don't think the cell phone companies are allowed to give our numbers out without our knowledge, but how some of thes companies are getting them is something that I will never understand. Take care, and have a good day.