Kids toys cost way too much!

United States
November 22, 2010 12:15pm CST
I remember when I was a kid I would get lots of presents on Christmas morning! I had 3 siblings. Now that I'm grown and have 4 of my own I realize I can not afford more than 1-3 gifts for each of them, depending on what it is. Ipods, Phones, Mp3 players, and even Bakugons and Mighty beans just cost too much! It quickly adds up! Do you have a large family? How do you deal with your kids wish lists for Christmas?
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• Canada
22 Nov 10
I have 2 children. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is only going to be 10 months on christmas morning. I know what you mean things are so expensive and it ends up costing more then we actually have to spend on christmas. My 10 month old dosnt have a list of any wants so that helps out this year. My 8 year old has a few big ticket items on his list. We chose to get him a laptop, we were gonna get a computer for the kids anyways. We got it for 300, which is alot of money. He is only getting a few other small things. My youngest son will only spending about 250 total on. We have also started buying gifts in the summer, so it isnt a big cost all at once. The more children you have though the harder it would get. I do know that my 8 year old is not expecting a laptop or anything that expensive. We try to teach him about money. Also what we do is try to get them smaller gifts at christmas with smaller price tags and that way we can afford more items. Then i will buy them the big ticket items for birthdays when I only have to buy for 1 not all of them, it also makes the birthdays an extra special day for them.