Why don't people want to sign up with through referral links?

November 22, 2010 3:36pm CST
I have talked to many people about online earning opportunities and sent them my links, but they haven't used them. I think they have signed up to the sites, but they haven't used my link. And this happened here in mylot as well. Some users requested links from me, I have provided them, but I have no referrals. And those who signed up through my links have stopped very soon. What do you think why is this happening? Do people sign up to the sites but not with my links or they don't want to sign up at all?
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@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
23 Nov 10
My guess is that they do not what you earn off their hardwork or participation. I guess another reason is that they do not like the idea that they are "under" someone.
• Romania
23 Nov 10
I really don't understand why many think this way. I have signed up to almost every online earning site through somebody's referral link, without even knowing who that person is and it doesn't bother me at all. So why does this bother others? I mean everybody needs referrals, so when you give you will receive. If everybody would think like that, everybody would have a serious downline to every website and a consistent amount of money could be earned through this sites. Don't you agree?
• Romania
10 Dec 10
Thanks for you kindness. I have added you as a friend so we could talk in private.
• Philippines
22 Nov 10
Maybe they're ghosts of the internet community. Maybe it only appears in your list that they're still not your referals but in reality, they are. You just don't know it because they're ghosts of the internet community.
• Romania
23 Nov 10
And how would you define these ghosts of the internet community? Because I have never heard about this till now.