How to keep your color

United States
November 23, 2010 12:28am CST
Highlights show regrowth less than full head of colored hair. The blonder you are, the darker the roots will grow. To make up for this, blondes show grey less than darker colors. If you are going gray or white, go for tints that can color the root. Color should be refreshed every 6-8 weeks, or as required. Don't neglect it, the only person that really suffers is you. Blondes should use purple/silver shampoo to get rid of the tacky brassiness. In between salon visits, NEVER try touching up your color yourself. Similarly if your perm starst to dry or flop, get straight to the hairdressers. To prolong color you should rince hair in cold water to close cuticles. Fact: Faux readheads require the most salon trips and maintenance.
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