Who is your favorite active Formula 1 driver?

November 23, 2010 1:39am CST
Who is you favorite driver and why he? I am big fan of Fernando Alonso. I monitoring him since he join the F1 sport. He drive good at his first season with uncompetitive Minardi. Than with Renault he won 2 world championships. He show what he worth in season 2006 when he beat great Michael Schumacher. I think at the moment he is the best driver in F1. He has lots of experience, he doesn`t making mistakes on track. But in last race there was tactical team mistake and he lost his 3rd world championship title.
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
23 Nov 10
I also like Alonso actually. But more than anything I dislike Hamilton, I guess, so I am happy if anyone else wins :)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
Why is it that so many people either totally like or dislike Ham? I TOTALLY dislike him too.
• United States
16 Sep 11
I would respond better, but this is a subject that I am totally unfamiliar with.
@rising3 (165)
• India
16 Apr 11
Mine was Kimi until he left formula 1 , currently its S vettel i think he is great driver and will be a multiple word champion
• Romania
12 Dec 10
Well I can only say one name Michael Schumacher. Come on, he's a 7 time world champion and a great man outside the sport. He is somebody who people can look up too. Yeah sure he had some incidents throughout he's carrier but that's because he is built to win! Still there are great drivers out there, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton but they still have a long road ahead of them to get where Michael is and they possible could get there :) Vettel I think is the next big thing in Formula 1.
@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
Since last year it was Sebastian Vettel. And I wasn't wrong supporting him, now he is the World's Youngest Ever Formula 1 World Champion! Why do I like him? Because of the way he drives. It is just so exciting to see him drive that Redbull car to the extreme limit! Alonso is my second best fave.
@rhizjen (140)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
I'm after with Sebastian Vettel. He breaks the record of Hamilton as the Youngest F1 World Champion at the age of 23yrs., 106 days a few months younger than Hamilton when he won the title in 2008 at the age of 23yrs. and 307 days. He led the final race from start to finish, bar a few laps after his pit stop. Hamilton describe him as thoughtful, compassionate and impressively honest.