what would you tell your boss ?

November 23, 2010 12:48pm CST
most of us don't really love the person we work for. so what would you tell your boss if you knew you aren't going to face any negative consequences in the future( like being fired)
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• Portugal
23 Nov 10
you mean if i had a boss if i would tell him i dont like him? ahah i guess is better to dont say nothing. even if he didnt fire me i would feel very shy whenever i had to face him ahah i would just not say anything ahah but if he asked me i would just smile i guess i wouldnt say that i dont like him or would be very shy just to face him everyday ahah
• Romania
23 Nov 10
I'm not working right now. I'm a student and my parents support me financially. but I guess that if I knew that there weren't any consequences I would tell him whatever I think about him . sometimes for different reasons ( we can't find another job for example) we have to stay and do something that we don't really like or stand someone that doesn't treat us like we deserve. some people think that just because they are in a leading position they can treat people however they want. this isn't ok but sometimes we simply gotta deal with it
• Philippines
24 Nov 10
If i know i'm not gonna fired, that'd be great. Knowing those kinds of things are just great. It makes you appreciate working and life in general even more.