Small communities

November 23, 2010 1:50pm CST
At present im visiting to US and staying in a very small town/city ( i dont really know how you classify them as cities) the point being since i have been here and just having a wander around the few shops there are and the local diner, i have noticed how friendly the local people are. Im told they get very few visitors and can count on one hand how many actually visit from another country. Its a bit like an extended family, with invitations to this and that nearly every day. Big cities people just tend to rush past always in a hurry but in this little back and beyond, everyone says goodmorning/afternoon and wants to chat. Even the local diner now when i go in there makes tea the way i want it without being asked. What are your experiences of small communities, have you been invited to everything that seems to be going on within them or do you find people are wary of visitors?
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• United States
24 Nov 10
Absolutely, I do as I am from a huge city and currently for 1 1/2 months I flew out to a very small town. I can't even begin to tell you how friendly people are here. I was met at the airport by many theater actors, as my boyfriend is an actor and was out here 2 1/2 weeks before me. So as I arrived several of them, that I never met before met me at the airport and I felt like the star. As I arrived to the provided apartment there they came with plates of goodies. Each day I have been here I have to take breaks as they want to go out sight seeing every single day to show me around. I find this quite nice as everywhere I have gone I feel like I am running into family as everyone is so very nice.
24 Nov 10
Sounds like you have had a wonderful visit, just like a story that Disney might have made into a film. It does feel like family and i guess its very tiring with long days and nights, but im sure you would not swap one day of it to be back in the city. Enjoy your stay and thanks for the comment.
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
I always love the people living in these kind of communities unlike in those living in the city like you pointed out. Unlike the cities where people doesn't trust anybody because first of all you don't know who these people are! They might be someone who could robbed you or threat to you, compared to the people living in rural areas so to speak where you almost know everybody in the community and they knew who are the visitors, people are very generous, excited in seeing someone new. I live in this kind of community as well and I always love it here. A neighbor is so kind whenever you ask of some sort of help then in return I always give something for them. I don't want to live in big cities unless work has to call for it, but by heart and choice - I want to live a life that simple like the one I grow up and lived with.
24 Nov 10
Your so lucky to live in such a small community, i did so for many years in kentucky but now live in a large sprawling town in england. I do miss the people wher i lived but only now realise that, and how friendly they are. Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful day.