earning from MyLot in one day

@lucky119 (643)
November 24, 2010 4:05am CST
Hi All, This would certainly help us all..As i am new to mylot, i would like to know how much one can earn in 1 day on mylot.. Tell us the maximum you have earned in one single day on MyLot.So that we can know where we stand and how much more we can explore..
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• India
24 Nov 10
I am also new for this. I have earned 2.5 dollars today. I also do not know how much can i earn. Anyone experienced can tell us about this?
• Canada
25 Nov 10
How many hours and how many discussions did you have to do to make that? xoxo Cyne
@abdung89 (101)
• Vietnam
28 Nov 10
It's amazing, How many ref do you have, how many time do you spend for Mylot.
@veromar (1457)
• Argentina
25 Nov 10
Hi Lucky. I think the most I ever earned in a day of posting was about 60cents. Those posts included links too, which earn you a little more. It's really up to you how much you can earn daily here. There are "tasks" that you can do to make money a little faster but it's really all about starting and responding to discussions. Most days I make about 20cents, simply because I just don't have the time to spend. I seek out topics of discussion that draw my interest and focus on those categories. In that way, I tend to write a bit more or have more to add. For that 20cents, I'm probably participating in 10 discussions....more or less. Starting discussions I find a bit more difficult. Those topics that I think a lot of people would be interested in don't get many responses or the reverse happens...something that just pops into my head that doesn't seem to hold any relevance at all gets a ton of responses! lol. In all honesty, there's no way to determine how much you can earn in a day. It's really all up to you and how active you are. Since you're new, I'd say to read discussions in the "myLot" category. Ask questions there. Get to know how things work. Add as many "interests" to your profile as you feel comfortable with. You'll find it's easy to start increasing your daily earnings. All the best to you and welcome to myLot!
@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
24 Nov 10
Welcome to mylot... as you know here you can earn something depends on your effort, quality of you responses, discussion and others. In my case my maximum is .45 cents for my average 2 discussion posted and 20 discussion responses.. I don't know the others but there are many ways to earn more here just study and find out... see you around...