Possible sources of earning from mylot

November 24, 2010 4:33am CST
hi friends, can anyone help to find out more options to enhance the earnings from the my lot. Recently my main focus is on the tasks and the discussions. Any other tools in mylot to explore myself? Can we explore something from the blogs? Whatis the average earning from the photos?
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
24 Nov 10
I don't know if you can earn anything from blogs, but you can try some other verified ways to earn in myLot: - upload photos (I can't tell you how much you'll earn from this activity, because it's forbiden to speak about the myLot earning algorithm, but you'll figure it) - perform searches using the myLot search box (this way you can earn a myLot reward from time to time) - refer friends and relatives (you'll earn 25% from their earnings) Good luck!
• India
25 Nov 10
Well Inu. how much can we earn by searching in mylot search box? have you tried this? What is your experience on this? Are you really satisfied with this tool?
9 Dec 10
Since I am still a newbie here, all I can say is we have to try responding to some of discussions or create a new discussions. By this we can see if we our earnings increase. As what I have read from other discussions, we have to at least stay this site for an hour by responding to discussions.
• India
10 Dec 10
Is it? I was not aware about this. Is it mandatory to be online after responding to any discussion? I have also noticed that I have not been paid for some of my comments. The reason may be this fact.
• India
24 Nov 10
hey friend , if u have not noticed about referral network yet, my response will be helpful to u, here u can build referrals and earn 25% of their earnings..! happy mylotting