Reairing Own Computer

@jagjit273 (1740)
November 24, 2010 7:05am CST
I repair my computer sometimes as much i have learned from my people they really helped me a lot and I am really thankful to them for this.So can you repair your computer yourself
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@MildMix (119)
24 Nov 10
I once took apart 3 laptops someone had given me that didn't work and managed to put one back together with all the spare parts of the other 2 and get it to work! I wouldn't say I'm a computer expert, but I know the basics to get a computer up and running. And when all else fails, I just format it, or buy a new hard drive :P
@distorsi (164)
• Indonesia
25 Nov 10
hahahaha... yeah, reformat HD its the last options fro fix up the problems, but it can be bad options, if we got important data in main partiotion of OS, lol
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
28 Nov 10
I have no problem repairing my own desktop but not laptop as i dun have chance to open it up yea .
@Zaphan (711)
• Philippines
28 Nov 10
yeah I can repair my own, some basic trouble shooting of hardware and software, but when it comes to IC or chips I'll leave it to the technician,
• Malaysia
26 Nov 10
Yes.Sometimes the problems do get much into complexities and I have to refer to other computer geeks as well.Well,it's just a new experience with a new problem.
26 Nov 10
i can repair my desktop. but i wont try to do the same on my laptop as i think it is too much of a risk. if anything goes wrong, you will have to pay for it big time.
@voldrox (7204)
• India
25 Nov 10
Hello jagjit, I haven't tried it on my Laptop, but i am sure i can open it up and change a few things. My laptop has been heating up pretty much lately and i guess i open it up to clean the vents and the fan, if that comes in reach. I have one warning to give you while opening the laptop by yourself. You can loose your warranty, and also Never take out the CMOS battery of your laptop. A guy at the repair shop warned, he said it damages the screen. Now, i don't know how that would happen, but i believe he isn't lying. So guys, take care and don't remove that battery out by yourself. You can change however change that on your desktop, but for your laptop, don't do it.
@mpsingh08 (102)
• India
25 Nov 10
Yes i can because i am computer hardware and network
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
25 Nov 10
Well since i changed a lot of parts on my frist computrer i know what to do with all of the parts in it , and i can i always change my OS , repair , clean it myself . So yes you can say i can repair my pc .
@hushi22 (4940)
24 Nov 10
i used to repair my own pc before, but since i am using my laptop and i just find a hard time trying to repair it, i just send it to a repair shop.