War on the Korean Penninsula?

United States
November 24, 2010 12:49pm CST
I'm aure most of us have seen the news by now of the shelling of the South Korean island by North Korea. Increae in tensions in that part of the world are never a good thing and the fact that we will more than likely be involved should hostilities break out add to my personal concern. Granted, an increase in tensions here is not a new thing and they tend to happen when North Korea starts grooming a new leader (which they are currently doing). At some point, however, South Korea will get fed up and start firing back. It may not happen this time but maybe the next time. if this happens, at that point are we headed headlong into war? We (the US) would undoubtedly be pulled in given we have tropps there and alliances and such - what would that mean for us? Who else could be pulled into such a war and what could the reprecussions be? This could be the start of a scary time or in the end, like it has been in the past, much ado about nothing. What do you think?
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@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
10 Dec 10
Obviously, the United States of American and the Japan will support the South Korea if there is a war in between North and South. Apparently, the China is still remained in the silent mode. But I guess the China will support the North Korea because they are both communist countries. If China does not want to involve in this conflict, the North Korea will not be so daring anymore. At that time, I just worry the Iran will take this opportunity to join in and purposely to revenge the United States of American. If I am not mistaken, the nuclear power plant in Iran has some connection to the North Korea too. For me, I personally support the democracy country, South Korea.