Full body scanners and air travel

United States
November 24, 2010 2:08pm CST
These have been in the news a lot lately and from what I've seen, the shots that these scans take of you leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. granted, the image is only visable to one TSA employee tucked away somewhere else but, how does that make you feel? How about the alternative: the full-body search that from what I've read equates pretty much to a molestation. Which would you choose to do in order to fly? Do you have an opinion either way about which you would prefer? Do you think that security is getting out of hand or is this just the right level of scrutiny?
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• United States
24 Nov 10
These are tough questions. We want security, but value privacy as well. Perhaps we should consider who we want security against, and therefore commit to racial profiling. After all, it wasn't old grandmothers or six year olds who flew those planes into the World Trade Center. It wasn't anglos and it wasn't afros who did that, it was Middle Eastern men within a certain age range. It is not that difficult to figure out who the enemy is, and we should concentrate on the enemy, not on our family. The Constitution quarantees against unreasonable searchs, and we should obey the Constitution. It is reasonable to suppose that these attacks come from a certain type of people, and so it is reasonable to concentrate our attention on those types of people. It is unreasonable to body scan and pat down six year olds and grandmothers.