Do you compliment people at all times?

@mayrah (1128)
November 24, 2010 11:09pm CST
I know it really feels good when people compliment us, it actually boost our self esteem. We can compliment in many ways. Personally this is what I want to practice for myself. I always find a n opportunity to compliment people but I always failed to do that just because I was shy and afraid they may think I'm not serious. I don't don't know maybe it's just that I was not used to it. How about you? Do you compliment a lot? Do you like it, when people compliment your looks or other characteristics as well? Why?
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@ordecai (46)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
well at this point i remember my grandma when she told us, that dont forget to give compliment to people those who are indeed good to you and to themselves.just a simple saying thank you as long as it comes from your doing it as long as they deserved it too.
@calpro (933)
• India
26 Nov 10
Most of the times I compliment my coworkers or family members and friends for doing their best. I sincerely believe in the "Power of Compliment". A best compliment inspires a person to give his best in his upcoming assignments to. A compliment gives him/her the feeling of being recognized by employer or coworker. Most important things are compliment and thanking a person. To add to you discussion Thanking also makes a person happy.
@mindym (979)
• United States
25 Nov 10
I do not compliment all the time, but do compliment when I feel it's necessary. If you compliment the same person or people all the time, they may not take your compliment as a compliment and may expect it all the time from you. It does make me feel good after receiving a compliment, but I also feel good about myself after giving a compliment.
@ansi09 (151)
• Tunisia
25 Nov 10
Am somehow like you in that, coz i don't feel it 100% right what they say, LOL, i gess. But on the contrary i compliment people & friends whenever i see something i like about them, whether their looks or deeds or the way they think, may be they don't believe it as i do, haha. It's a sign of kindness when you compliment people, but don't do it regularly, or else you'll be seeing as a wheedling person, which is not good t all, hahaha ^_^
@hushi22 (4940)
25 Nov 10
at all times? well, no absolute, of course. but i give compliment to people i know are worth it.
@icehut (508)
25 Nov 10
Only when it's a well deserved compliment. There's no point in complimenting others just to be friendly or polite, it'll just make you look fake to others. However, when they know that they did something to deserve the compliment, or that your reason for the compliment is true, your compliment will be genuinely appreciated...