Tried Sleeping With a Broken Heart?

@toniganzon (53346)
November 25, 2010 1:22am CST
I had my heart broken several times when I was in my teens when my love was not reciprocated by the other person. And yes I tried sleeping with a broken heart and wished that it will heal the moment I wake up the next day. But of course, it didn't heal immediately but time did its job!
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@sender621 (14956)
• United States
25 Nov 10
When your heart is broken by someone, it is hard to find comfort for the pain. we think we can fall asleep and everything will be new and different when we awake. unfortunately, the broken heart will remain. some people will not not sleep at all because the tears will not let them. Only time can bring you peace in a broken heart.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
i experienced that too.cant sleep with a broken heart. coz our mind still thinking of him/her.thinking of your past with him/her. maybe it will takes a month that you can sleep normally. if we have broken heart it will affect our mind,our appetizer to eat and our mood.
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
A broken heart cannot be healed overnight, by few days, or even few months. Some even took more than a year to move on. But there's another way to heal faster, that is to learn to love someone again.
@nikramos (701)
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
Lately yes. I dont know but these days have been especially stressful for me. Im not sure if its just me being too much of a baby or my job is taking its toll on me or something is really wrong with him. I dont know if its mature of him to be actually avoiding sensible arguments with me because he doesnt want conflict or he's just becoming unreasonable for his actions. Im not anymore into the sweety, lovey-dovey high school type of love as it's not exactly in my personality to engage in such and im not either the type who cry over typical jealousy, misundertsanding, lack of patience thing that are too shallow to waste my energy thinking about but THIS is certainly something im having a hard time dealing with. I sleep with broken heart too many times than not lately and what do i do about it? nothing one to talk to about it either with the thought that no one will understand more than me and just him. i have hopes its all going to work fine but at this point, my doubts are getting stronger and my hope weaker, im afraid i might have to end things sooner than i expected. at least im hoping not too soon....
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
25 Nov 10
Well i get m sleep even with broken hearth , but i lay there for hours before i get to sleep and think why ? why ? and why? :) Well there is nothing i can do about it . And hearth never heals fast , at least in my cases , i takes months to heal - never one night :P