November 25, 2010 3:44am CST
I'm really sorry to join the site ienbux because the site is too heavy and seem very slow in filling process of loading the page ads and severity of this site to view their script for kreditan every click into the budget become a member and hated it when it was opened to pay for ad clicks I really regret them and if I should leave this site without being able to pay the slightest from this site and the amount of what I get now is $ 0825 and must give up every cent of my time is wasted as long as I click on ads on ienbux who have a bug if you say you are not likely true but that's on my pc if I open and loggin into this site is always heavy and slow for too long and I asked what opinion do you think I should let all the results sent it flying and continue another ptc site that I have followed so far as neo and other?? explanation please..............sleepy for this site
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