anyone here who has trouble wiht their lover's Bestfriend?

November 25, 2010 7:45am CST
Good day friends. I've got a situation here, I've been having trouble with my relationship. I'm getting a little to possessive to my partner. We've had a smooth relationship and i do think this situation that we have right now is nothing major. We still spend most of our time together, we are still sweet to each other, but wherever we go we have a third wheel with us. i mean don't get me wrong we are all friends , But please ,are you aware of the word Privacy?My partner is a little too dependent with the BEST FRIEND , we always tagged a third wheel on a date, Present on all events , Too much texting. I feel like when I'm not around there's always someone who takes my place. Am i a too controlling, or is this just normal? Is it really normal for a taken person who have bestfriends with the opposite sx?
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