why is harry potter so popular?

November 25, 2010 10:58am CST
what do you think why harry potter is so popular,maybe cause of people like the story ,maybe they like actors or they just like fantasy,i personally like harry potter because of great story and really spectacular scenes in movies
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@sanddo (111)
• Bulgaria
16 Dec 11
Harry Potter is so popular because a lot of people love him. The Harry Potter books and movies are so interesting. The effects in the movies are great! This is one of the best movies. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who play Harry Potter is one of the richest humans in Britain because the people like Harry Potter. I have read the books and watch the movies and I like Harry Potter, too. If you are not read the books and if you are not watch the movies - do it! It is so interesting!
@lady1993 (20692)
• Philippines
4 Dec 10
Maybe because many kids want to see it- like me (a long time ago). I basically grew up with the characters- we are about the same age. I love the first one and had been following it ever since.One thing is that it is for all ages and the story is good- also the book...everything is good.
• India
28 Nov 10
i think people like new things to watch and as its based upon totally a new concept like magic schools ets thats whu people like it very much.................
@genius277 (535)
• Indonesia
28 Nov 10
i think it's because they are the only one genre available in the market. Its not fantasy,not action,not adventure and its not scifi. Harry potter has their own genre ,its like magic fantasy,magic fiction or whatever you say. They have no competitor in the market,which means that they are the only one....
• Malaysia
26 Nov 10
Hello there, For me, Harry Potter indeed make a very big impact in the entertainment world. I guess, the story behind it made it so popular along with their actors and scenes. And from the Sorcerers Stone until the recent episode, it shows how the movie itself growth. The way they made the movie also had been more matured and detailed according to the creator of HP itself. And the novel itself is easy to understand and fantasize it. Therefore, their audience target can be in any level. So there you go. This is my opinion on why is HP so popular. p/s: Everyone has their opinion. I just express mine. Peace!
• United States
25 Nov 10
I never understood harry potter.