Underarm Deodorant

@toniganzon (53392)
November 26, 2010 1:22am CST
In my country most people couldn't live without using an underarm deodorant. It has become as part of our hygiene and if we don't use it, we feel like we missed doing something very important. But most deo products can cause darkening of the underarms because of the fiction when you rub it against your skin. So I've been trying to avoid using underarm deo for a few days now and i'm getting used to it. I take a shower twice a day and I scrub my underarms with bath salt and try to clean it with lemon too. I noticed that my arm doesn't perspire like it used to and I feel cleaner than when I was using deodorants. How about you? ARe you using deodorants?
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• Philippines
28 Nov 10
I guess it's because here in our country we usually experience extreme hot conditions which leads us to sweating more. Unlike to those countries which mostly have cold weather they usually don't sweat that much. Yeah i used deodorant. I'm a very active person, i go to the gym almost everyday, i do jog in the morning almost 4 times a week then i go to my business which requires physical strength and endurance so i guess i have my reason to use deo. Personally i have a deo that really works on me. Some happened to encounter darkening of underarms due to some deodorants, maybe it's because of it's contents that is not compatible with hi/her skin type. For some people also, deodorants really doesn't work at all even trying all kinds of it but happened to find good results when using natural products such as what you've said, salt, lemon and all other. But having a good shower is still the best remedy.
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• Indonesia
26 Nov 10
I has stop to using under arm deodorant, because it can make my arm part of shirt stained. I use cologne now, it seems better.
• Philippines
8 Dec 10
I have to use deodorant always even if I don't want to. Scrubbing bath salts and lemon won't work for me. I perspire a lot and deodorants are just the only thing working for my underarms.
@louievill (19920)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
I prefer the Milcu powder brand of deodorant because it is odorless over the heavily scented and sticky roll-ons, that sometimes conflicts with the odor of my favorite cologne , Being an active male I sweat a lot because I drink plenty of water in this hot country so I apply it after a bath. Sometimes I also prepare my own homemade powder deodorant by mixing 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part talc powder, and pulvurized potash alum or "tawas" that is readily available in the corner store, the amount depending on your preference