How to use cleansers??

November 26, 2010 2:06am CST
Hello What is the correct way of using cleansers? what are the advantages? doest it form a part of your beauty regime?
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• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
I always use cleanser with clean cotton...
@amirev777 (2565)
• India
26 Nov 10
hi virashri_v here are steps involved in proper cleansing of your skin: 1. Remove your makeup before washing your face. Most cleansers work better and more efficiently if your face is thoroughly wet. Removing your makeup ensures that the oils in the cosmetics would not repel water and allow the cleanser to reach a good lather. You can do this by using baby oil or makeup remover on cotton balls and rubbing the makeup lightly off your face. 2. Wash your face thoroughly using lukewarm or room-temperature water. Never wash your face with water that is too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can break capillaries, dehydrate skin, or even aggravate pimples. Studies also show that there is a marked improvement between the effectiveness of cleansers used with water of the right temperature over those that were applied with hot or cold water. 3. Use a gentle anti-acne cleanser specially formulated for your skin type. If you have hypersensitive skin, you should choose a product that is mild and hypoallergenic. Meanwhile, if you have very oily skin, you might want to choose something that's slightly stronger than your regular cleanser. If you're uncertain about what kind of product to use, you should consult your dermatologist first. 4. Apply a small amount of cleanser on your face. Pour a pea-sized amount of cleanser on your wet palms and lather it before applying on your face. Since most cleansers are concentrated, they can dehydrate your face and strip it of necessary moisture. Diluting it with water activates its ingredients and allows it to be spread evenly on your face. Most people think that the more they scrub, the more dirt they can get off their faces. This is wrong. Not only do they risk breaking capillaries, but scrubbing can also aggravate acne by pushing dirt and bacteria deeper into the pores. What you should do is massage the lather or foam onto your face in a gentle circular motion. This facilitates the blood flow in your face which improves your complexion while allowing the ingredients of your cleanser to penetrate deep in your skin. 5. Rinse your face completely and pat it dry. Rinse your face with lukewarm running water thoroughly. Although trusted cleansers like Healthy Pores have easy-rinse formulations, it is best to ensure that you thoroughly wash your face of any trace of foam or lather. Not doing so might leave residues behind that can block your pores and aggravate your acne. After rinsing the cleanser off, use a soft, clean towel to dry your face. Never rub the towel on your face as though you are removing stubborn dirt. Just pat it dry with a non-abrasive towel.