Can you suggest me some questions about sexuality for teenagers???

November 26, 2010 4:15pm CST
Hello, I am an educator in a church for a group of teenagers (they are 15-16 years old). Next week we will have a doctor as a guest. He knows all about sexuality. But I need some questions interesting to ask to him and to help boys and girls to understand more about the relationship between Christian religion and sexuality... Actually I have no idea. Can you suggest me some interesting question to ask to him and to interest them in this meeting? Please! Thank you
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• Bulgaria
8 Jan 12
Hello I think that the children must know the thin border between sexuality and vulgarity, take a look at this article and you find way to explain it with some simple words understandable even from child:
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• Canada
23 Dec 10
teenage problems ; I would say the embarassement of wet dreams, pressure from friends to look at the act on the internet or on tv , feeling left out by peers because of christian values even being called names because of it(faget , lezbian ). Not feeling normal by not having the act.wanting to hold the other the act in their arms like their peers. The pain of watching movies where the act is normal and looks natural. Non christians saying mariage ends in devorse. Their are so many issues in this world today it's real scary for a christain.
• United States
26 Nov 10
I do not see why a christian school would be teaching about sexuality after all Jesus said that it is better for you to abstian from a relationship but that if man should desire another that he should marry there is no where in the bible that say to instruct the children of the church in the ways of the world. but lucky for you IM one of the disbelived if the students are every day teens just tell them you will leave the room and they will come up with all the questions you could hope for but if you have to stay there then you need to brain storm with your students before hand take a board split it in half one side boys one side girls write down the biologial parts of the body ask the students what they know about that part there understanding or non understanding will lead to questions that can then be asked of the doctor for instance one part that is over looked is the ear can you tell me how the ear is conected to sexuality? " The students sit and think a moment One raises their hand " you can hear what your partner says " then you say that is correct any thing else this time no one answers just remind the class of what sense they sight sound smell touch and ask who can come up with a question for ears that has to do with touch, then as the students come up with questions write them down on the board. Hope this helps if not just post for more questions to ask