The Casanova from Italy

@creyos (276)
November 27, 2010 2:52am CST
It's like a common knowledge about Italian guys. Their trademark as a Playboy maybe it comes from the story of Casanova which is the Italian. However, I'm sure not all Italian Guy is Playboy, we can't generalise someone and something. Anyway, how does this knowledge come? And what do you think, is it true or not? If there's Italian in mylot, I'm very very happy to hear your comments. :)
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• United States
27 Nov 10
Personally I believe that Casanova's exists in many countries, as it is the conceded ones who feel they can get away with this. With so many taking liking to their nature there is no stopping them until they get hurt. Hispanics in my culture are well known as well, and I for one raised a very respectful and caring Hispanic boy whereas this stigma in my home will not exists as he respects himself first and then emanates that to others.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
27 Nov 10
I think it is a myth about Mediterranean men in general, the same thing is also being said about Spanish guys and French men and so on. I guess they are just much more open than people from Northern America and Northern Europa, which is why this rumor started.
@jalucia (1435)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I think that, not just Italians, but a lot of cultures outside of American raise their men to be more poetic and romantic when it comes to love. Although this is nice when you are being wooed, it often blurrs one's vision and makes them blind to their other faults - like womanizing ways. Actually, most cultures have their playboys. So, I guess it's nice to be swept off your feet by these Romeos before your face is rubbed in the dirt.