November 27, 2010 3:54am CST
So what's happening with Cashium? I know that it was bought by the Ifbux Admin and they 'll be back on Monday. But do you know more details?
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@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
27 Nov 10
Actually, IFbux was already sold to Flippa. I am not sure, but I heard cashium is being sold to flippa too.
@marguicha (101860)
• Chile
27 Nov 10
Do you think the sites will go on being legit? I suppose that if someone buys a site, he wants it to work. But on the other hand it is important to know what will happen to the members who didnĀ“t have enough money for cashouts before it was sold.
• Austria
27 Nov 10
Thank you all for your comments. That's a real difficult situation. Ifbux pays again but how long? Let's see what comes next!
• China
2 Dec 10
Cashium was sold to Palmbux in the end.
• Austria
3 Dec 10
Thank you.
@angel107 (311)
• Germany
27 Nov 10
I keep on checking it but there is no changes. I hope I will not lose my money there. I almost reach the payout. Maybe after I withdraw it I will delete my account there because they give me stress.