How persistent are you when you want something but others are required to help?

November 27, 2010 8:37am CST
I want to go to a live performance of a band I like tonight. I invited someone a few days ago and he said he probably couldn't make it, since he's working tomorrow morning. I messaged him, stating that he could trade shifts with someone else or just sleep on noon but never got a reply. I texted him today, he called and said his girlfriend will be coming over and he can't cancel. I was pushy and persistent but he kept denying, even though he admitted he wasn't really in the mood for his girlfriend to come over but he had promised her so. Now, I will call again later to check if he's changed his mind (I surely hope so but doubt it), since this is (probably) my last chance to see this band live (and I really like them). Surely some people wouldn't have pushed it this far and others would have gone further. How persistent are you with something you really want (and might not be able to do it again for a long time), when it involves the participation of others? I mean, this might be my last chance to go but I can't go alone because I won't enjoy it. I want this particular person because he's the only one I know that can afford it, has a car, likes this kind of music, I enjoy his company and he's never seen this band live. I can't think of someone else to join me. So what would you do? Push it as far as it goes or give up?
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• China
27 Nov 10
If your this friend is not able to go to the concert with you, why don't invite another person? And I think a girlfriend is much important than a friend. ^-^ Just kidding.