Do u like what Bear Grylls does in Man Vs Wild ?

@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
November 27, 2010 9:21am CST
Man Vs Wild also called Born Survivor: Bear Grylls or even Ultimate Survival is a survival television reality series hosted by Bear Grylls on Discovery channel. On This television Series Bear Grylls executes that how to survive left stranded in a unknown region in world. During the show Bear Grylls is shown eating Raw animals like live Snakes (my cutting off its head), wrapping his urine-soaked t-shirt around his head to fight desert heat, drinking fecal liquid from elephant dung, sleeping inside dead Camel, eatind creepy crawling inspects and things like that. Do u exactly like on what he does? Do u enjoy or feel like feverishness on watching such scenes? Personally i somewat manage to watch the show with such scenes (but not during i am eating my food). But my mom hates to watch this show at all. If she watches it, she feels real bad and ugly and even gets to vomit sensation.. Wats urs?
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@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
29 Oct 11
All of Bear Grills are great for me. He is really good at what he is doing and i like the shows with him a lot. I started watching ultimate survivor everytime that i can on tv, because usualy i`m at work at the time they show it. Although some of the things he does to survive are disguisting i think that it`s nessesery to do this if you realy get in this kind of setuations and you want to survive them.