Isn't This Southern Gentleman A Wonderful Storyteller!?!

Anderson, Indiana
November 27, 2010 1:11pm CST
I would like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, Roger Dean Kiser, Sr. We met early in 2001 at a now-defunct writing site out of Australia called WrittenByMe. Roger, his sister, and another sibling (a baby who didn't survive the ordeal) were abandoned by their mother who left them alone for a long period of times (at least, days) in an apartment. She never came back to check on them, but, somehow, they were found. Not a single child was over four years old, and they had been trying to fend for themselves by throwing cans of food against the wall until they busted open. Roger and his sister were able to feed themselves that way and tried to feed the baby who was unable to accept this kind of nourishment. Water? They couldn't reach the tap to get a drink. However, they could reach the toilet bowl. Yes! I know! It's gross! This took place in the state of Florida. By the time Roger was five years old, he had become a ward of that state. He stayed in one orphanage for a short time before being placed in another--where he would live/exist for years--in Jacksonville. Roger and other children went through all forms of abuse while the community looked the other way in denial. He and others ran away on various occasions. This decision earned them everything from severe whippings to incarceration in juvenile hall. Enough trips to juvenile earned the next leg of the journey: a reform school in Marianna that has recently (thanks to Roger and some others who came forward) been in the news with emphasis on one particular building on that campus known as The White House along with a cemetery of graves marked with nothing but crosses made out of pipes. Believe it or not, the state of Florida is still choosing to put on the blinders of denial/cover-up concerning what all took place at that so-called reform school and its ilk for over half-a-century. Roger--who now lives in Georgia and is a husband, father, and grandpa--has a website that gives a lot of information about covered-up child-abuse. It also has other things, too, such as books that have been written not only about child-abuse but, also, more positive stories. There is even a collection of clean jokes! If you click on the pictures of the different books, you'll find one story under each one from that particular book that is absolutely free to read. There will also be ordering instructions should you decide that you want to buy a particular book. Of course, I'd like to further suggest that--for at least part of the time--you don't order through the website but will, instead, order using a button to GoodSearch/GoodShop of which I'm about to tell you. This button is on my blog and can be found by scrolling down and watching for it in the right-hand margin. If you go through that portal to do your online shopping, you will be helping Invisible Youth Network--which is an outreach and networking program catering to the needs of homeless and/or otherwise at-risk youth--because a percentage of the sale will be donated to IYN. The blog to which I'm referring you is the one I write about Invisible Youth Network, so you'll be finding plenty of information about the same there. Anyway, this is the link to Roger's website, so please check it out and let me know how you like it...
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