Just can't get away...

November 27, 2010 1:33pm CST
I had hand surgery 2 days ago. And although I can't really post anything, I'm compelled to visit my sites and check them out. I read them, knowing that posting isn't much of an option right now, respond to maybe one or two, and count down the days to when I can start using both hands again. Does anybody else find themselves compelled to sit online, when they know they should be in bed resting? Whether from sickness or surgery or whatever? Or better yet: What activity do you engage in when what you should really be doing is recuperating? (I also find myself going back to work before I should...) (It took me 7 minutes to type this out. And I apologize now for not responding to everyone who answers.)
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• United States
27 Nov 10
Although it is important for you to continue to earn, your health is of importance and should be a priority. I know it isn't easy but if you over do it your recovery will be prolonged and perhaps causing further damage as well. So take some time to take it easy and when you are back to yourself you come back and plunge in double the amount of time as then you will have the stamina and the strength to do so as opposed to further injuring your self. Be well and I wish you a speedy recovery.
• Canada
27 Nov 10
No, it's not about the 3cents a day, lol. It's about being engaged in other people's lives. It's like the ultimate soap opera... or tabloid (not in a bad sense) that compels me to keep surfing my sites... and work... I wanted to vacuum and wash the floors today. One handed, lol. Just curious how many others out there just can't seem to stop...