the wierdest video you've seen

November 27, 2010 7:28pm CST
The wierdest video i saw was that of a man being beheaded by some jihadis. tell us about some of your video experiences.
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@theshun (165)
• India
7 Dec 10
The world biggest and worst weirdest video is hunting and killed animals for dinner/food. I do not know as to why people doing and taking videos like this. Will they take any video of theirs child hunting/killed for food instead of animals hunting/killed for food. All are being one, but in the world there is one concept for human being and different concept for animals. All animals/birds have also love, thoughts, family and responsibility as the human being. But who is respecting this all???
• United States
4 Dec 10
I've seen some pretty weird and stupid video's! Sometimes I wonder how those video's got soo many hits!!
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
30 Nov 10
It wasn't the weirdest video, but it was the most disturbing and shocking video I've ever seen there.It was a car after explosion and human parts all over the street, and you could hear the laugh of the person who was taking it on camera.That was 100% sick.I wonder where and when it happened because it definitely was a crime and not the movie scene.Youtube is full of sick people.
@voldrox (7204)
• India
28 Nov 10
I have seen that video, and it is quite disturbing! I have seen another video in black and white with someone slitng the thrt of a women. Man, these things are so Messed up, i can't see them again! If you talk about weird videos, i think disgusting ones might be the ones. Like the trailer for 'Jacka$$' . I don't understand why they break their hands and legs just for the sake of entertaining others, although they get to earn quite much for doing that.
@Masihi (4227)
• Canada
28 Nov 10
erm, um, *ahem* the beheading isn't weird, that's absolutely sadistic. I guess my kind of weirdness is more of a silliest video, and that would be eating and drinking while driving on the back of a motorcycle. Ya, I know, I'm a party pooper, LO
• United States
28 Nov 10
That is not weird to me. Have you seen 2 girls in a cup. That S#!t is weird.