Social Networking

United States
November 27, 2010 10:25pm CST
Business owners know the importance of getting their name out there. If you ask many business owners about the best way to advertise or what is the most effective, they will tell you " Word of Mouth". Whether the media you choose Facebook, Twitter and various blogs, it is the best "Word of Mouth" option today. The linking of one account to another has made it even a more attractive media source to utilize. Message boards, websites, and online stores act like base camp. Easy ways to drive traffic to you chosen interest is to get your www domain name. Let's talk about the domain name? Is it easy to remember? Is it short and easy to type into the search bar? Will your site come up immediately in a random search? If you answered no to any of these questions, read on. In the beginning of www addresses, .com was if your site was for making profit. .Net, for information and .Org for organizations. If you haven't searched for your own domain name in awhile, try sites such as enom, go daddy etc and see all the new dot names available. Recently I purchased a .Info for only $ 1.99. I saw a great opportunity and you will too. Most may think your typical dot com,net,org are the best but what really matters is how you are listed no matter what option you choose. Here is my free gift of info for you. Without completing the placement of your site where it can be found by your readers and shoppers, it may be futile and frustrating for someone to find you. Dmoz is an extremely easy listing option. You will save time instead of going to individual sites one by one. Many major search engines are part of dmoz service. Best if all it's FREE. Whatever you do and however you do it, much success to you!
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