Corperate Bailout's? How is this Helping any one but the banks?

United States
November 28, 2010 5:08pm CST
Here is my question. If these giant mega coorperations have managed to go bankrupt why in god's name would anyone go any give them even more money to piss away? In all the trillions of dollars that we have dumped into these corperations what benefits have we the ppeople seen? I would apear that things are getting worse not better? Every dollar we borrow from the Federal Reserve is lent to The U.S. at face value plus interest. Meaning for every dollar in circulation the U.S. owes the Federal Reserve more than a dollar.So how do they think borrowing excessive amounts of money is going to fix anything. It is impossible for it to do anything but weaken the econemy by putting us into even more debt than we already are. If the government felt so compelled to handout larges sums of money to somone wouldn't it have made more sence to have simply given every citizen of the United States $50,000.00 to send how they choose thus circulating this noney back into the econemy?
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• United States
29 Nov 10
All the bailouts are doing is devaluing the dollar. Companies go bankrupt, and new companies emerge. This has happened since the beginning of time. I don't understand why now is so different. Why we continually bailout companies who continue to miss use money, and will eventually put their selves back in the same predicament they were in to need the bailout. The U.S. is destroying itself. I don't see anything being done at all to bring the economy back anywhere near the level of what it was.