Stranded at SCTEX last Saturday during my niece’s educational trip

Pasay, Philippines
November 28, 2010 6:35pm CST
This was a PISSED OFF DAY to all of us most especially to the excitement of the kids that are kindergarten students. I was actually with my father to accompany my niece’s field trip since her parents has other important agenda last Saturday of November 27. We are living from Pasay City where we also boarded the bus of Jac Liner from the EDSA at around 6:00 in the morning then the travel started at around 6:30 am. When we were already approaching for the toll fee of Pampanga the bus stops for a while but then it was still able to run until we reached the Nayong Pilipino Clark. We stayed there until 12:00 noon then the travel time started again going to the Zoobic Safari. While we are in the middle of the road the bus stops every now and then until we were already stuck at the middle of the road which was after the exit of Porac where you can see nothing as in just farms and mountains. We are actually on the bridge and stayed there for 3 and ½ hours until the back up bus arrives at 4:00 pm. I can’t understand what is really happening but then my dad told me that there was a problem on gas pump or air, something to that effect that needs to be change. So they were forced to call a back up bus which is coming from Kamuning Quezon City and of course it was really too far from the SCTEX. It was hot inside the bus since the windows are designated for air conditioned so there is only some portion that you can open the window, unfortunately not on our place that we seated. Other parents just went down to the bus with their kids to feel the fresh air. Almost all kids were sweat of course including my niece. We can’t actually just go down especially with the kids because we were at the middle of danger zone. That is the reason why the principal got mad. She already asked if what is the problem of the bus then the driver just smiled and didn’t bother to answer. But then while they are fixing the machine they reason out that it was the first time that happened. The principal decided to ask for refund and they will file a complaint against the Jac Liner this Tuesday for the inconvenience that happened. The reason why the principal have decided to get the Jac liner it was because she thought they will give the bus that it wouldn’t be prone to trouble because last year they were able to use the bus which is far better from now. She even told us that it was like you shouldn’t get that kind of service for the second time around or else they will give you a bus with trouble. The bus arrives at 4:30 pm already and it was the new version with free wifi access. It was like you the principal have to be mad before they will give the better one. So our trip started again going to the Zoobic Safari that I thought it will be just for a while but then we took 1 hour before we reached the destination that is why my niece and I have slept first. When we were already at the Zoobic Safari for around 5:30 in the afternoon it was almost dark. We weren’t able to watch the animal show because of the delay but then my dad told me that it was just a simple show of dogs, cat maybe snakes but wild animals like tigers are not included on the parade, because he was able to ask the parent that is from the other bus. We were able to ride the jeep with rails so that we can see the tigers on their field but since it was already 6:00 pm that is already dark though it has lights on it the tigers are not moving much anymore and it didn’t went to us. I assumed that kids were happy to see the tigers that are away from us but I wonder if they wouldn’t scared if ever the tiger will come near to us. I think we moved away from Zoobic Safari at around 7:00 to 7:30 in the evening then we went to Puregold Duty Free for our dinner. So the travel going to Manila started at 8:30 in the evening then we already arrived here at home in Pasay City for around 11:30 that is almost midnight. I also admit the fact that I was really pissed off to the stranded to happened to us but then I am still thankful that we were all safe and I would rather tolerate the inconvenience rather than transportation accident. At least we were able to continue our activity and the kids still enjoyed their educational trip.
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