Windows and Linux

@jagjit273 (1740)
November 29, 2010 6:45am CST
I am using Windows at the moment. but I have read about Linux on Tdd. Is Linux better operating system than Windows.
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@Bushin (141)
• Philippines
2 Dec 10
It all depends. You see many people are using Windows OS cause they are already expert of it. I mean they are very familiarize with every functions and buttons of windows OS and my advice is dont switch to Linux immediately instead learn its way around first then feel free to use Linux. And Linux is much better than Windows.
@inzaneGOD (112)
30 Nov 10
Linux OS is based from UNIX OS, it is more secured that windows. UNIX OS are made by programmers to programmers. But some of the UNIX based OS now are user friendly like Ubuntu and Linux. As far as I know UNIX based OS require 1Gb of memory and 256Mb of Video Card (not sure) To run it smoothly. It use Virtual Memory. Example if you have a 1Gb of Memory plus your hard drive memory(80Gb) You have over all 81Gb of memory. Imagine that.. Hope it help
@Vick77 (486)
• Mexico
29 Nov 10
Linux is not better or worse than windows, is simply a different operating system, the advantage of linux is that you can get a linux distro FOR FREE. Try to install linux in your computer and see if you like or not, you can try linux in 2 ways: - By a liveCD: is a CD (or DVD) that runs linux without touching anything in your hard drive, you can use linux for a while with this option. - Installing: you can install linux in a separate partition of your hard drive without affecting your docs or your windows installation, this is a so good option to have both OS in your PC. I recommend Mandriva to start with linux...
• India
29 Nov 10
The thing is, Linux is a general term for the hundreds of distributions, or "distros" which are available. Ubuntu is the most popular one. Based on software and hardware compatibility, Windows is in the lead, but Linux is catching up too. And about usability...if you use Linux from the day you started using computers, you'd be more familiar with it than Windows.
• India
29 Nov 10
Linux is the most secure OS of these days. But the problem with linux is that you must be familiar with it's shell and commands. Most of Linux OSs are distributed freely and allow to modify. If you like to try Linux then try with Ubuntu 10.10. You can download it from It's a free OS. Most of Linux OSs are run very flaxibly in low configuration systems.