Do you believe that one can lose heart on another one within one minute ?

November 29, 2010 7:09am CST
We can often see such people that they fall in love with each other in a very short time ,and then they found that they are not actually fit each other ,so they say goodbye For me I prefer the love that begin from friend, when we are friend we will talk anything,and also will know each other from all sides ,then you can have a good idea whether you are fit or not . what about your opinion ?
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@hushi22 (4940)
29 Nov 10
i believe so. that is why love is not supposed to sit there like a stone, rather be made all the time.
@angelsmummy (1700)
29 Nov 10
Well yes, when people fall in love very quicky it can also fizzle out very quickly... I was lucky... I was friends with my now husband before we started dating so we both knew how we were and what we were both like and our views on life... But then I have also been in the situation of 'falling in love' to quickly and to be honest looking back now I think it was just infatuation and lust... not love nowhere near how I fell about my husband!!!