being punished

November 29, 2010 8:51am CST
My mom called me just now,only to punish me because I forgot to turn off the tap.She said that I am so insensible and I don care about anything. Well,I seem to be such a disappointing girl,I've never done a single ting that is right.But I am not that kind of girl.I do care about many things.I care about my family,my friends,my future...I am trying so hard to make things better.but there is nobody standing by me.Ok,I'm a loser.
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@natnickeep (2340)
• United States
29 Nov 10
You are not a loser. Moms do this. It is harder to tell you when you are doing good..easy when you do something that upsets us. We do this without even realizing. She just wants you to learn and do what is right. Let her know you need more praise. Sometimes moms do forget. Sometimes we get caught up in all we have to get done and deal with. I get very angry when my kids don't pick up after themselves. I would probably call them at a friends or wake them up early if they did something repeatedly. Maybe not the first time. Don't ever feel low about yourself. You have people there..your mom is there. Just tell her how you feel.
@louievill (19941)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
Your mother is right, you know I was like you when I was your age,and your mother is like my late father so I resented it very much thinking that he is always picking on me instead of my siblings, what I did not know was he was only preparing me to be ready for the real life. Now that I am the father , I always remember what my dad always tried to hammer on my hard head, and too bad he is no longer around so I can thank him for all the lessons. Now that I am the father, I tell the kids to eat food, use electricity and water as they deem necessary but just don't waste it or you get a sanction. I also tell them how hard it is to earn so I can pay all our bills and live comfortably.