What's your favorite item in the Zelda series?

Hookshot - Hookshot from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
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November 29, 2010 11:35pm CST
So... what's everyone's favorite item/tool/weapon in the Legend of Zelda series? I'd have to go with the hookshot because it has multiple uses (puzzles, moving, weapon) and is just plain cool to use. I also like it's Twilight Princess "update", the dual claw-shot a lot. What about everyone else?
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@brosario (11)
• United States
11 Sep 11
Ice Arrows :D
@Near2011 (155)
• United States
26 Jun 11
the jars. they have so many uses. catch a fairy, hold water, hold a fish, hold a poe, hold a blue flame, hold potions. Without the jars, Link would have a hard time surviving.
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1 Mar 11
HMMMMMM...... Im a huge zelda fan (have every game/played since i was 3 years old/ and made prity convincing costoom of link) and i would have to say that the big goron sword form ocarina of time is my favrite item/side quest. this is because it dose two times as much damage than the master sword (lol) and 4 times as much when useing a jump atack. the last reason is that its funny to see link switch swords last second when the big goron sword is equipet dering the last fight with ganon!!!
30 Nov 10
Good question hmmm I'd proberly have to say the ocarina due to it being fun lol