the lucky sister?

November 30, 2010 9:29am CST
I met a friend today becuase she asked me to her soundboard about a particular problem. We met in the bar and I found her drinking and drowning her sorrows in a cocktail that I'm willing to bet isn't her second one. When I asked what's bothering her so bad that she have to drink in a weekday and considering she has to go for work tomorrow, she blurted that the world wasn't being fair to her. When I asked for details, she told me the whole story - her younger sister who graduated a year ago and still without a job happened to be pregnant by her boyfriend. Now the said younger sister is ordered by her parents to stay home to prepare for her unexpected motherhood. Since the sister won't be working, the burden of being the breadwinner for the family happens to be my drunk friend. She said that her sister probably planned to be knocked up in order to avoid family obligations and to burden her with another mouth to feed. She adds that her sister is always 'lucky' since she managed to prevent responsibility and still manipulates her parents in many occasions. My friend feels angry that her sister always get away with 'easy' things in life. As her obligated sounding board, I pointed out to her (my friend) that she is still 'lucky' in some aspects - she doesn't have to take care of a kid, she doesn't have to bored around the house and nobody will ever say to her face that she let someone down. My friend, in response, pointed out to me that she'll probably end up being a slave to sister since my friend will have to provide everything to her sister's kid. The night wrapped up and lead me thinking who is the real 'lucky' sister - the one with the job and money or the one who had a kid with no financial obligation at all?
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@substance (588)
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30 Nov 10
Well, right now it may seem that the one knocked out with no responsibilities and who can manipulates her parents easily is the "lucky one". But in the long run, we all know who is the lucky one because "time" will show that the one with more responsibilities/job/ maturity gets it all in terms of a nice stable guy who won't knock her off and run away, stability, and "blessed perks" of being just a better person.. The good you do comes back to you.. :-p