Well, shocking but not so shocking.

November 30, 2010 9:48am CST
Where I come from, even on a month to month lease, a tenant is required by law to give 60 days notice prior to vacating the premises. Obviously our roommate didn't know that because, without warning, he packed up and left yesterday while we were at work. I've learned a valuable lesson about sharing with other people, I have to be more careful next time I rent a room out to anyone. We took the chance to let him in, he claimed he could get a job within 2 weeks, but he didn't try. Sure, he worked for a temp agency for all of 3 weeks, but that was it. He collects welfare, and never reported the income. I'm not wrong in doing what I did, in fact, I have a legal obligation to do so. I reported him to his welfare worker for fraud. He made over $1200 that he didn't report, and will be getting another $1500 that he wont report either. He stole a couple of things from us, conveniently stole a receipt for car parts, no idea why he would do that, but he did. I'm lucky that he didn't steal my laptop or Wii, I guess he didn't because someone was home down in the basement. He was lazy, true of some welfare recipients who don't want to work. Sure, some make an honest effort to look for work, but he wasn't one of them. He'd stay up all night, waking us up several times. He was a drinker, and a pot smoker. He would drink heavily for days on end, blowing his money on that. He took advantage of us. Instead of paying for hydro or the phone that was in his name, he wasted hydro, and is now forcing us to pay for it. He left us high and dry, and I don't know how to explain to our landlord that we can't pay his share of the rent because he skipped out and refused to pay anything. We have a huge hydro deposit that he was supposed to help us out with, but he didn't want to. He wouldn't help us move a washer or fridge into the house, both items he used often obviously, but thought he was exempt from doing anything around here. He took long showers. I don't understand that. He's a guy, I'm a girl and I take shorter showers than he does. He'd eat our food and not replace it, waste our toilet paper and expect us to pay for it. He hated rules. This was part of the reason why his parents kicked him out of their house. He lacks moral values, respect and ideals. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He used us for a place to stay so he could mooch off of welfare, basically stealing from everyone in the process. He will be investigated by his worker now, I don't care if he gets mad at us regarding that. But he can't cheat the system and expect to get away with it. He'll face up to 2 years in jail for this if charged and convicted. He knowingly withheld information from his worker and refused to report his income. We changed the lock on the door last night, no sense giving him any chance to come and steal everything from us. The cat is wandering around looking for him, they became pretty close while he was here. But I know the cat will forget about him, just like we will, and we'll move on with our lives and learn the hard lessons of having roommates. A person who started off as a nice roommate, turned into the the roommate from hell. I don't want a repeat of that ever again.
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@Jiabsa (512)
• India
1 Dec 10
Be careful when you give your home for rent. People are not alike. Take an inquiry about the tenants before you allow them inside. We should know about their backgrounds.
@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
1 Dec 10
I am so sorry it turned out this way. I hope your landlord is understanding and will give you time so that you don't have to find another place to live. Good luck at trying to find another roommate.