Is this the worst premiership title challenge ever?

November 30, 2010 3:14pm CST
I think it's fair to say that the usual suspects are vying for the title, but none of them are firing on all cylinders at the moment. Yes, Man Utd are unbeaten at the moment. Rooney not at full-throttle at the moment, and a lot of youngsters blooded. They don't look convincing(abeit last Saturday), even though they are top. Chelsea expected to walk the league after a good start. Now their squad looks paper-thin after injuries to key players. Arsenal always shoot themselves in the foot when the pressure's on. Liverpool look very average again this season. I can't remember a title race being as poor as this.
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@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
1 Dec 10
Why do you call it a poor title race? I think that it is more exciting and more interesting when the title is decided in the last matchday and especially in the last minutes. And the best part of being so many teams very close to each other is that there are many competitive teams, so it can only do good to the league. Because I consider the top teams from England pretty competitive on international level. Believe it is better this way, rather than having a team which is very far at the top, with no signs of dropping points.
1 Dec 10
What I meant is that teams at the top are dropping too many points so early in the season. I've never known that to happen. I do think it is interesting though.
• Malaysia
1 Dec 10
I don't think so,this for me is the best premiership title challenge. There are no minows in the league,any club can pull a surprise am thus enjoying the league. Any club that will win the league must fight real hard,cause only the best and technically fits team will win the league.
1 Dec 10
The one good thing is that it opens the door for teams like Tottenham who's style of play I like a lot. It's a pity that Villa are struggling this season. I live around that area and there's a lot of Villa fans who are very worried about this season. I think Man Utd will win the title. Rooney has to come good some time, he is too good a player not to.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
2 Dec 10
This is just early season. I see dec and mar as the two important point of the season. The former will dictate who is strong and who is the early season buzz. The latter will separate the contender from the have-beens.
@livecenter (1138)
• Malaysia
1 Dec 10
As for me, it is the best premiership title challenge I have seen so far. At the end of the season, I think the title race will again be a three-horse race between United, Chelsea and Arsenal...Liverpool is still finding their famous comeback to be the big four and back in Champions League, however, even if their performance is not that good this time around. Racing behind the three big horses are City, and Tottenham. I don't remember watching a title race like this before...As United fan, I am happy to see them on top...
30 Nov 10
I think this could be one of the best Title runs we've had in the Premiership's History. Manchester United and Chelsea are undoubtedly the favourites but Arsenal seem to have the chance to have their best season for some years. As a Manchester United fan I am delighted to see them back on top.