Getting referrals for PTC sites

@kripa_db (578)
December 1, 2010 2:15am CST
Hi, I have joined quite a few ptc sites recently but you cannot make a lot of money by just clicking on ads everyday. You need a lot of referrals to make decent money. Any ideas on how to get referrals.
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@marguicha (105962)
• Chile
6 Dec 10
I already answered this post in another way. Let us trade sites. I donĀ“t have some of the sites tyou have in your profile. Add me as a friend. Check my profile sites to begin with. I earn about $100 each month and have awesome vacations each year with my online earnings. Take care!
@tod266 (85)
• Thailand
6 Dec 10
i don't have any ref that is very hard for me to fine a ref. i just rent ref from the site
• Slovenia
3 Dec 10
You are right, without referrals you don`t think you will earn serious money. You can decide for rented referrals or direct referrals. If you will rent referrals you would need to invest money for them, on some sites that is profitable, but not in all sites. Better way is direct referrals. You can get them only with promotion your referrals links. I promote my web page, where I have links. But the best way to get referrals is micro jobs sites. I got hunderds of referrals just by posting micro jobs.
@marguicha (105962)
• Chile
6 Dec 10
The only way I have gotten active direct referrals is by trading sites. It means more work for me but the money reaches my pockets.
@meilipyn (20)
• Philippines
25 Jan 11
hi do you want to exchange refferal links with me? pm me :)
• United States
1 Dec 10
I haven't gotten any referrals yet, but I did post them in my MyLot Profile page, but I also post them in my written reviews after I write about a site I used.
@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
1 Dec 10
hi @kripa well here are the thing that i do put my links in fb profile always that does not help much yeah yeah i do that...... customize your profile here add all links that you can see mine if you want and ask people here for exchange if you want i am interested.. there are few other site which i mostly get referral are from downliner builder one i am new there but got few referral from those too if you want you can try these well pm me about your site may be i can join them